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Look to us for the high-quality Sumimark Marking System.

Sumimark Marking System

This computer-controlled thermal marking system provides permanent alpha-numeric, barcode, and graphic images on a wide variety of SumiMark heat-shrinkable tubing and adhesive labels. The system automatically recognizes and accepts any SumiMark heat-shrinkable tubings from continuous spools, creating custom markers of custom lengths within minutes.

The encoded tubing reader provides the software with all the details required to optimize print quality. In addition, it provides a read-out and a print-out of the remaining footage on the spool at the completion of the print-run. Creating custom markers or retrieving wire lists from memory is a simple menu-driven process that takes seconds to create and print. Let us mark your tubing for you, or you can purchase your own system from us.


The SumiMark lV thermal printing system is a significant departure from the industry standards. The entire hardware module is of new design and concept, utilizing state-of-the-art electro-mechanical innovations that assure consistent print quality and long term reliability.

The printer unit includes a fully integrated in-line cutter module that can provide full cutting or partial cutting for kitting purposes. The complete system weighs less than 40 pounds and occupies a footprint of less than 1-1/2 square feet.


Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our Sumitag STP300 DS double sided, thermal transfer marking system, the latest product in our Sumitag identification product line.

The Sumitag STP-300 DS printer offers high volume, simultaneous printing on Sumitag high performance two-sided heat shrink sleeves. This system is manufactured for industrial applications and offers excellent print definition and mark permanence.

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Large Markers


SumiMark lV Advanced Software is designed to be compatible with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP and Windows 7. The software recognizes all TrueType fonts and black and white bitmap images, and can create code 39 type barcodes.

Small Markers


The SumiMark lV communicates through either an Ethernet 10baseT connection or an RS-232 9-pin serial connection. The Ethernet 10baseT interface allows access to data from various networked sources, including the Internet and intra-company networks.

Sumimark CablesCapabilities

The SumiMark lV nominal processing speed is a 1-inch marker per second for either continuous output or cut pieces output. Markers and labels can be programmed to be from 0.5 inches to 18 inches long in 0.1 inch increments, with no restrictions as to content. Alphanumeric, graphic, or bar-coded content may be mixed throughout the entire length.

The SumiMark lV System incorporates a built-in network card, allowing multlple printers to be connected to a single computer. This provides the capability of high-speed printing for projects that require a variety of tubing sizes and colors.