Solder Sleeves

Sumitomo® Solder Termination Sleeves

Get solder devices and sleeves that assist with shield termination, wire-to-wire splicing, and wire-to-pin terminations. Sumitomo STS parts come pre-assembled and offer the following benefits:

Sumitomo STS Brochure

Specifications & Standard Lines

  • NAS 1745 - STS Splicing Sleeves
  • NAS 1746 - STS Wire-to-Pin Sleeves
  • NAS 1744 - STS Coaxial Terminators
  • M83519
  • M81824
  • High Temp Infrared 150C (H-l Series)–Sealing Inserts, AS83519 (H-M)
  • Low Temp Convection 105C (L-C Series)–Pre-Installed Braids (H-MB Series)
  • High Temp Convection 150C (H-C Series)–Leads, AS83519 (H-ML Series)
  • M81824
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Reduced Labor and Training Costs
  • Increased Productivity and Reliability
  • Inventory Reduction

Solder Sleeves with Pink and Blue Background Solder Sleeves Close-up Solder Sleeves with White and Blue Background

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